The Revolutionary
Evolution of Protein Design

At Evozyne, we are passionate about solving problems, from molecular scale to global. Our mission is to unlock the potential of novel proteins to solve complex human and societal challenges by revolutionizing protein design. Our data-driven approach to molecular engineering couples state-of-the-art machine learning and statistical techniques with high throughput gene synthesis and screening technology in a seamless design-build-test cycle. We have taken a similarly interdisciplinary approach to building our team, merging experience from business and science to meet our customers’ needs and continually improve our capabilities so we can tackle some of the world’s most challenging problems together.

Meet our Leadership

Dedicated to solving the world’s most
pressing problems

Rama Ranganathan, M.D. Ph.D.

Co-founder, Chief Scientific Officer

Aris Theologis, MBA

Chief Business Officer

Andrew Ferguson, Ph.D.

Co-founder, Head of Computation

Jeff Vieregg, Ph.D.

Head of Experiment

Arjun Rallapalli, Ph.D.

Head of Strategy & Business Dev.

Stephanie Bittar
Head of Operations

Steve Wanaski, Ph.D.

Research and Development Advisor

Jeff Aronin
Evozyne Founder and Chairman
Paragon Founder, Chairman and CEO